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Table of Contents:

Part One:  What is it & Why we're here
    Real Science
    Why we look at photos
Part Two:  Strong Influences
    Sex IS Survival
    Fear & Excitement
    Reward & Punishment
    Knowledge & Entertainment
    Fight or Flight --What makes your viewer decide?
Part Three:  Chapters of Aesthetic Attraction
     1 - Light and Dark & The Chiaroscuro Effect
     2 - Lines, Shapes & Patterns
     3 - Faces of Pareidolia
     4 - Movement & Implied Motion
     5 - Background & Subject with DOF
     6 - Simplicity, Symmetry & Balance
     7 - Color and B&W
     8 - The Rule of Space/Filling the Frame
     9 - Framing & Textures
    10 - Viewpoint & Orientation
    11 - The Rule of Odds, The Rule of Thirds
    12 - The Golden Rule, Mean & Ratio
A second look

My photos used in book   ~  Photos used in Mirrors Intro video  ~  Mirror Intro Video

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A look at why we are interested in what we see in art. Are we born with aesthetic preferences that are shaped by cultural influences? Is our natural attraction to Beauty another weapon in our arsenal of species' survival? This book examines many so-called rules of composition in the visual arts to find natural reasons for their existence. It is designed to aide the visual artist and those who appreciate their work by bringing attention to subtle cues of attraction cultivated by our ancient and immediate ancestors. It calls upon recent work in neuroaesthetics and other scientific disciplines to back up its speculative claims, and asks the reader to contribute opinions of their own on the books' website at naturallycomposed.com. There are many examples of photos in the book, and the reader is again asked to insert their own examples to enforce or refute the claims.
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