A book in the making by Marty Straub.  Here is a full pdf of the first two parts that basically outline the intent and prepare the reader for the feel of the flow.  Photo examples don't start until Part Three so the pdf is only 269KB.  Below the Table of Contents on this page you will find links to PDF files for each of the chapters, and a single PDF file with the whole book (as it is).  After publication, this website will continue the on-going discussion of what it is that attracts attention in our visual arts.  There will also be plenty of examples of the various tactics used to keep your viewer engaged in your image.

Table of Contents:

Part One:  What if it & Why we're here
    Real Science
    Why we look at photos
Part Two:  Strong Influences
    Sex IS Survival
    Fear & Excitement
    Reward & Punishment
    Knowledge & Entertainment
    Fight or Flight --What makes your viewer decide?
Part Three:  Chapters of Aesthetic Attraction
     1 - Light and Dark & The Chiaroscuro Effect
     2 - Lines, Shapes & Patterns
     3 - Faces of Pareidolia
     4 - Movement & Implied Motion
     5 - Background & Subject with DOF
     6 - Simplicity, Symmetry & Balance
     7 - Color and B&W
     8 - The Rule of Space/Filling the Frame
     9 - Framing & Textures
    10 - Viewpoint & Orientation
    11 - The Rule of Odds, The Rule of Thirds
    12 - The Golden Rule, Mean & Ratio
A second look

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